Let’s Dance : "I wanted to tell the birth of an artist" says the filmmaker Ladislas Chollat [INTERVIEW]

In theaters now, “Let’s Dance” brings to the stage Rayane Bensetti in the skin of a young dancer who wants to achieve his dream. Its director, Ladislas Chollat, is returned to us on the genesis of the project and the technical challenge of the film. Pathé theatres this Wednesday, march 27, Let’s Dance, led by Rayane Bensetti, Guillaume de Tonquédec, Alexia Giordano, and Brahim Zaibat, tells the story of Joseph, a passionate dancer of hip-hop who refuses to enter his father’s business to try his luck in Paris. With his girlfriend Emma and her best friend Karim, he joined the crew parisian Yuri, a famous breaker, to try to win an international competition in hip-hop. But on the day of the selections, nothing happens as planned : Joseph is betrayed by Emma and Yuri, the group explodes. Collected by Remi, a former star dancer became a teacher, Joseph finds the middle of the dance classic, and meets the brilliant Chloe, in full preparation of the competition entry at the New York City Ballet. Through this meeting, orchestrating the alliance unexpectedly between hip-hop and classical dance, Joseph will learn to feel legitimate as a dancer and leader, and thus become an artist. This dance film, very much in the spirit of what the Americans usually offered us with films such as Save the Last Dance or Sexy Dance, marks the debut as director of Ladislas Chollat, man of the theatre who was responsible for the staging of plays such as Momo by Sébastien Thiéry, or The Son of Florian Zeller, or even of the musical comedy Resists. We had the chance to visit the filming of Let’s Dance in may 2018 in Paris and had been able to ask some questions Ladislas Chollat between two sequences. AlloCiné : You have directed many plays since the beginning of your career but this is your first film as a director, which you also co-signed the script. What is it that you wanted to tell with this first feature-length film ? Ladilsas Chollat : I wanted to tell the birth of an artist. Let’s Dance this is the story of a guy who, at the time of the time of the choice, decide what he will do with his life, decides to be a dancer and moved to Paris with his girlfriend and his buddy. They have the same dream, this desire there, and end up in the galley because between the dream and the reality is that there is a whole bunch of steps. And we see this type of fight, both with others and also with itself, because it is in this questioning that we all have as an artist. “Why me ? Is it that I am the right one ? Is it that I am the right person in the right place ?”. We all think to be thieves, we are still waiting for a validation of the other, until one realizes that this validation we must give it to yourself. You have always wanted to make films or it is a craving that was born recently ? Often when I was doing staging, I was told “It is very film what you are doing, it is like being at the cinema”. I didn’t really know what it was but to force them to hear I’ve been wanting to make cinema. And this film is the producers who came to see me and say, “Is it that you would like to make a dance film ?”. A genre that we really don’t know to do in France, or in any case in which there has not yet been too successful. And suddenly I liked this challenge that we have not yet succeeded in this genus, that the English and the Americans are better than us, and at the same time that we can get to make a dance film in which there is meaning and where it is not only in a performance race. A movie where it tells the story of a hero, a story a little initiatory. And I felt that I could give breath to the dance film. Pathé Ladislas Chollat on the set of Let’s Dance What was for you the main challenge on this film ? Is this film the dancing is complicated ? Filming the dance is complicated yes, because it is in motion. But it is also hyper joyful and inventive. There are a lot of magic to film, the dance, the body moves in space, it’s great. But once again I wanted to be in the dance scenes that make sense. The scene that is filmed at this time it is a scene of “battle”. He wants to fight, to find its place, and the choreography goes to this. There are scenes that are more romantic, more in the feeling. I tried to be in something that is not of the order of the feat, but rather the order of the search of grace. You had any of the following Rayane Bensetti in mind to embody Joseph, the hero of the film ? Yes, because, frankly, in France there are not many artists his age who have both the reputation for carrying a film, his qualities as an actor, and his qualities as a dancer. And then there is Guillaume de Tonquédec, who had never done classical dance of his life, who plays a former star dancer became a teacher of classical dance. And then there are a lot of young people, who often have never played the comedy. It is a true bet, but when I mounted Resistant to the sports Palace, it was really mainly with young people who have never been onstage before, and it is always a bet happy and cheerful for a director. Like any film of dance, Let’s Dance relies a lot on his choreography. Is it that you are also involved in the process céatif numbers danced ? I work with Marion Motin, with which I had mounted Resistance. It speaks a lot of sense, of the meaning of the choreography, what are their place in the scenario. I have a lot of discussions with her on what I wanted to tell through it. There are choreographies that are very different and mostly filmed in very different ways each time. The trailer for Let’s Dance, directed by Ladislas Chollat, in cinemas today : Let’s Dance trailer VF

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